What a joy to be able to share my passion with you. There is no greater privilege than to document life – real, honest, raw, and therefore at its best. I hope you see how beautiful your life is and that it deserves to be remembered for generations. Your story matters.

Family documentary photo sessions are a joy to shoot. I enjoy other types of photography such as events, landscapes, food styling, flat lay designing, and travel photography.

But if you ask, my specialty it is family photography. I truly enjoy capturing images that display the love, energy, goofiness, and raw true emotion that family life brings.

You will notice while perusing this site that I am not the type of photographer that likes to stage a family on a blanket, bridge, field, or shoot a portrait session in a photography studio. There is nothing wrong with posed, polished, and prepped family photos. But what I capture is the importance of every bit of your real, beautiful, unvarnished day. 

Documentary photography is what you want it to be. What special moments or unique family traditions do you want captured for generations to come? When everyone is grown and investing in their families the way you have, what do you want them to remember?

You know it’s worth preserving or you wouldn’t have found me. You are important and so is every simple moment in your family’s life. Let me show you.

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