Located in Central Indiana serving Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, Avon, Greenwood, Bargersville, and Broad Ripple.

Central Indiana Family Photographer

Family photo sessions are a joy to shoot. I do photograph other types of session per request such as event photography, landscape, or special moments.

But if you ask about my specialty it is in family photography. I just truly enjoy shooting images that capture the love, energy, goofy, and raw true emotion that loved ones bring in a setting.

You will notice looking through my style that I am not the type of photographer that likes to stage a family on a blanket, bridge, field, or portrait session in a photography studio.

My style is to capture emotion in movement. That special moment to me is when I can capture a child doing something while the parents aren’t looking.

Catching an image in a photo that brings emotion to a mother each time she sees it, that is family photography to me.

Central Indiana has been a great place to photograph families. Living in the Indianapolis area with so many great places for photography locations.

Hamilton County, Indiana Photography

Being a resident of Hamilton County, Indiana I have been honored to photograph fellow residents. The best photography sessions happen in the clients home where everyone feels more comfortable to be themselves during family photos.

Some families enjoy a shoot on an adventure or planned event. There are so many great locations I photograph in:

Carmel    Noblesville    Fishers    Zionsville    Westfield    Indianapolis

Bargersville    Greenwood    Broad Ripple

Exploring through my photo galleries you will see some of the great session ideas that come with Documentary Photography Sessions.

Documentary Photography

Documentary family photography is a unique type of photography that is gaining more traction as a genuine way to record families. Unlike lifestyle or a posed session, style shoots are intended to demonstrate the true, raw and real beauty that every day life brings.

Day In The Life (DITL) sessions include up to 14 hours of documentation. Recording the entire day of a family, from sun up to sun down, allows me to capture special moments in the daily routine. From morning bed head to the kisses good-night, a lot of love and investing goes on. Where a family is, right now, is important to document not only for them, but for generations to come. We are fascinated by human history, down to the nitty gritty details. Your family’s history matters.

Day In The Life Abbreviated sessions include up to 6 hours of recording. Family outings or celebrations, morning and evening routines, and special events are rich in interactions that should be remembered. There are important people, places, and times in your life that matter, and I want to preserve that for you.

Hourly sessions are 1-2 hours long and can be arranged in so many ways. Morning or evening routines, trips to the grocery, visiting the local pizzeria, or having fun at their favorite park all generate genuine memories that don’t have to be scripted.

Documentary photography is what you want it to be. What special moments or unique family traditions do you want captured for generations to come? When everyone is grown and investing in their families the way you have, what do you want them to remember?

There is nothing wrong with posed, polished, and prepped family photos. But what I capture is the importance of every bit of your real, beautiful, unvarnished day. You know it’s worth preserving or you wouldn’t have found me. You are important and so is every simple moment in your family’s life. Let me show you.

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