10 Best photography locations – Carmel, IN

10 Best photography locations – Carmel, IN

10 Best Photography Locations in Carmel, IN

Best photography locations or best places for a photography shoot or session come up all the time when talking with clients.  If we were to pull up a Google search report I would guess “photography locations” is one of the highest searches on Google. People are always wanting to know where to be photographed. There are really two types of photography locations, one that is very important to the client and one that the client has no connection with at all. Think about that for just a second with me. The meaningful location is either the place the couple was engaged, a family property, a location they visit often, or the clients home. Then there is the location where the clients have no connection to the property at all, a park they have never visited that has a great bridge, a pumpkin patch they haven’t visited before, or a farm the photographer knows about.

Am I the only one that finds it odd that we take people out of their normal environment and try to fit them into a different environment? Let me tell you where the best photography location is in Carmel, IN. Your LIFE. That is the best photography location. Your family is amazing and the amount you pour into each other is more than anyone including yourself realizes. Every day you are serving each other in so many capacities and filling each other’s emotional buckets. The world is a tough place and continues to take from our emotional buckets. Your family and the home you have created is an emotional refill station and should be documented. Your life is full of odd events, normal and not so normal events. Routines that are welcome and not so welcomed. Very quickly we begin to feel unimportant until we are photographed in those events and realize the importance we play in this family nest.

Don’t get me wrong, Carmel, Indiana is a beautiful city… but let’s explore more.

Let me show you 10 great examples of the best photography locations.


I know the first thing you are thinking, my home isn’t photographable. Trust me, none of us live in a Pinterest home or HGTV. Pinterest should be renamed “the things we will never accomplish.” Your home isn’t being photographed, the life in the home is being photographed. Think how many times in your home you have said, “oh my gosh” because of something that has happened or happens in your home. In my home with 3 little girls it happens only 42 times before noon. In your home there are bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, kitchens, a yard, sidewalks, trees, playhouses, toys, living rooms, and more. The possibilities of great photos in those locations are endless.


The things that happen in the kitchen are described in emotional words. Bonding over baking. Sneaking or stealing cookie dough. Taste testing food. Stress of something burning. Conversations from work or school. Tough decisions. Celebrations. Gosh the amount of emotion that happens in a kitchen are endless. Recently in a family photo session I captured one child sneaking to steal cookie dough when the mom wasn’t looking. Only for her to turn her back while the other child climbed up on the counter and began to dance. Now tell me that isn’t your home too. Capturing those moments in an image will be priceless for that family for years to come.


Over the years I have discovered there are 3 types of photos that come from a bedroom. One is the early morning wake up with bed head, smiles, bad breath, glazed over walk to the bathroom. The second is the child quietly playing in there room in the middle of the day in the quiet. The third is the beautiful bedtime routines, snuggles, tuck in, bedtime stories or prayers.


I know that can sound weird. But if you think about the funny quirks in your family don’t most of them happen in the bathroom?  The way they brush their teeth, rinse their mouth, leave the water running, brush their hair, and so on? Capturing these funny moments can be some of the most fun for families.


Most neighborhoods in Carmel, IN or Hamilton County in general have parks in the neighborhoods. But for more established neighborhoods there are some wonderful city parks that can be enjoyed. Parks can be some of the best photography spots with kids. There is so much determination and laughter that happens when kids are playing in the park. These locations can be more comfortable to the children if it is a park they visit often.



We all have that favorite place we eat or for some of us we have multiple favorites. Is there a place your kids love to eat? Maybe for your family it is just that local pizza place every Friday night as a relaxation that the week is over. A way to reconnect as a family over a giant pizza with giggles as the stress of the week melts away. Talk about the best photography locations, what a great place to capture a memory for decades to come.

A Walk

Some of the best images I have captured of my children have been on a walk through our neighborhood. Let me be honest, a walk with my kids can be excruciating because they stop every 2 feet to touch something new or pick it up. There really isn’t much walking going on. But from a photography stand point it has been amazing to capture images of them exploring this beautiful world. It has so many mysteries and new items to explore.


Many of the neighborhoods in Carmel, IN or Hamilton County have neighborhood pools. If your family is anything like mine the kids are always wanting to hang out at the pool. Which is really not hanging out… it’s more of a workout. There is always a lot of giggles and trying new things. Jumping in, throwing the ball, going under water, twirls, spinning, splashing, etc. There are so many great colors that pop when taking a picture around water. Local pools can be the best photography locations.

Extra Curricular Activities

Many kids these days are involved in many activities outside of school. Maybe it is private music lessons, sports, dance, painting, or other private lessons. Capturing the moments of your child learning can be a precious priceless moment. The proud moments you feel watching them score or learn a new move captured and frozen in time on an image. Maybe it is the amount of tylenol you took as they tried to perfect ‘Mary had a little lamb’ on the violin that you would like to capture. No matter the feeling, these are the moments you wish could be captured forever.


For many around Carmel, IN or Hamilton County the weekends are for hanging out at the lake. Many times I hear parents say, “gosh my heart is at the lake.” There is this feeling that the stress of daily life disappears on the lake. The kids feel free, the parents feel free, everyone just enjoys being together. How many times have you said, “I wish I could just freeze these moments.”

Dream… what happens in your life that you wish you could capture that moment? What or where do you wish you could freeze for decades to come? Think of that spot or moment that is where your heart is. The best photography locations are where you feel comfortable. The best photography locations are places that mean something to you. Dream.

To learn more about photography session ideas read more on Molly’s journal. If you are interested in making your dream become a reality reach out to Molly.

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