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What is a Click Pro?

What is a Click Pro?

Do you know what helps you grow?  Evaluation.  Although it can sometimes be painful, having a drive to improve will eventually lead to asking for honest feedback from others who have honed the same craft. When I decided that the next natural step in my […]

Photographing Greece

Photographing Greece

I am not a world traveler. English is currently my only language. I have only had my passport for 4 years. But friends, I have the bug. Particularly for photographing the world. Photographing Greece was on the top of my photography bucket list. For someone […]

Things to do in Carmel, IN

Things to do in Carmel, IN

The city of Carmel, IN is about expanding the culture and the arts. You do not have to spend but just a few minutes in Carmel, IN to recognize their drive to expand the arts. The city itself is gorgeous and each building has so much thought put into it. This is not a pass through city, but a city you want to hang out with friends in for a drink or dinner. Below you will find many things to do in Carmel, IN.

Monon Trail

The Monon Trail or Monon Greenway as it is known in Carmel, IN was a railway from Chicago all the way to Indianapolis. A section of the railway was abandoned from Delphi, IN to Indianapolis, IN. The state took over the railway and made it into a paved 18 mile path from Carmel, IN to Indianapolis, IN. Recently in 2008 the tail was extended out to Westfield, IN. There are many unique stops along the trail like the depot and other beautiful rest areas. If you are into getting out for a great run or walk, or maybe using that bike this is the best place to exercise in Carmel, IN.

Cool Creek Park and Nature Center

Cook Creek Park is the most popular park in Hamilton County. A 90 acre park with 4 miles of trails that offers activities all year round. Residents of Carmel, IN take advantage of the paved trails through the woods to jog, bike, rollerblade, and hike for exercise. For Carmel, IN citizens looking for more team exercise there are plenty of basketball courts, softball diamonds, soccer fields, and playgrounds.

The other beauty of Cool Creek Park is the wetlands and prairies that can be observed from the benches along the paths. There is a wonderful nature center where you can learn about plants and animals that call Indiana home. Along with the nature center Cool Creek Park also has multiple shelters that can be rented to host events in.

Cool Creek Park is host to many concerts and events from spring through fall. You can check events on their calendar. The park is also trying to be self sufficient by using solar panels for electricity.  If you are looking for an outdoor activity look no further than Cool Creek Park for your family entertainment.

West Park

Personally I think West Park is overlooked or shadowed by the great events at Cool Creek Park. But it is gaining recognition and popularity in recent days. Being featured on “indy with Kids” website as possibly the best park for kids. So many great playgrounds and climbing features for kids to explore. Also the park is home to a marsh land that can be walked above on wooden bridge trails. Las but not least West Park in Carmel, IN is home to a splash park to cool off in during hot summer days.

Flowing well park

A hidden gem in Carmel, IN is Flowing Well Park. This gorgeous park is a picturesque landscape everywhere you turn. Almost every visit to this park you will see a photographer taking pictures of families, including myself taking photos of my family. There are beautiful trails back through the woods, beautiful old bridges over the creek, and a gorgeous creek to walk along. Another unique feature about this park is that it has a natural spring. The city has set it up on water spouts that residents of Carmel, IN stop and fill up jugs of water at. The well for the spring is beautiful in it’s self.

The Waterpark at the Monon Community Center

The most hidden or secretive water park you have ever seen is located in Carmel, IN. The waterpark at the Monon Community Center is a great place to cool off during a hot summer day. This is not just a splash pad, this is a full on miniature water park. Large swimming pools, rock climbing walls over the pool, water slides, and the famous lazy river. One feature that draws the biggest attraction is the surf slopes where you can try your chance at body boarding or surfing agains a blast of water. Can be very busy during hot days so plan accordingly.

Coxhall Gardens

One of those beautiful walking parks that has wide open spaces. The scenery around Coxhall is one to not miss with beautiful pavilions with breathtaking views. If you are looking for just a peaceful place to bike or walk this is the stop you do not want to miss.

The Center for the Performing Arts

The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts is a 1,600 seat concert hall in Carmel, IN. Back in 2011 The Palladium opened it’s door as part of Carmel, IN $300 million dollar downtown redesign to encourage arts. The concert hall is a beautiful horseshoe shaped venue that was designed by a architect from Washington D.C. Taking in a concert there is a real treat just for the view.

Carmel Arts and Design District

A drive through Carmel, IN main street you will understand the city’s passion towards the arts. This area has so much to offer that I can’t do it justice to try and mention everything they do in this cute area. I will direct you to their website to keep up with all the happenings going on in this great area of Carmel, IN. But if you can dream it with art they are going to be doing it here. From mosaic, to painting nights, to art walks, bands, glass art nights, canvas nights, and so much more. Each weekend is something new to experience in the Carmel Arts district.


When you think of restaurants in Carmel, IN a few special places come to mind and most people’s minds drift to the Carmel Arts District area. Is there anything better known in Carmel, IN than Bub’s Burgers? Don’t miss this cute little yellow house that features burgers that they challenge you to finish. If you are looking for that unique cafe then you will be at home at Cafe Patachou. As far as unique in restaurants in Carmel, IN there is nothing more unique that Woody’s Library Restaurant. If you are looking for that Saturday night pizza joint head over to Bazbeaux pizza. There are so many great stops for the best places to eat in Carmel, IN and if you have a place you recommend please let us know because we wouldn’t want to miss it.

Golf Courses

If you are looking for the most featured public golf course in Carmel, IN then it would be the gigantic sand bunkers of Prairie View Golf Club. A couple other of the best public golf courses in Carmel, IN are plumb creek and brookshire golf club. But the most famous golf course of all in Carmel, IN or maybe the Indianapolis area is Crooked Stick Golf Club. A private club that gained national recognition during Peyton Manning’s retirement speech and has hosted the BMW Championship a few times.

For more information about Carmel, IN feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions. I am by no means an expert on Carmel, IN but I can give you some great recommendations. For really great details or a place to visit to learn more about Carmel, IN is visit hamilton county.

I have been honored to be an award winning photographer in Indiana and Hamilton County. My photography was recognized by Roberts Camera from Carmel, IN and placed on display by them. So Carmel, IN holds a warm place in my heart as well as my family enjoying this city. I began my photography journey from photographing my own family in some of the parks in Carmel, IN. My photography began to be recognized more and more as families began to ask me to document their family just like I did my own family. From there I won the Indiana State Fair Best in Show and began documenting families through the lens of my camera. Family documentary photography is different than the traditional family photography where a family poses on a bridge or on a blanket in matching clothes. By capturing the family in their daily activities showing them their importance through images. Showing true emotion and personalities brings life to the images. For some great examples look through some of my photography galleries. I would love to start a conversation with you about what it would look like to capture a day in the life of your family. Contact me and let’s start the discussion.

What makes a good Noblesville photography studio

What makes a good Noblesville photography studio

What makes a good Noblesville photography studio Does the average consumer really know what makes a photographer good? Understanding lighting, f-stops, aperture, depth of field, exposure, RAW, or rule of thirds is way more technical than any consumer wants or needs to understand. Photo shoots […]

Why Documentary Photography Works

Why Documentary Photography Works

Why Documentary Photography Works

I know there are many people considering having their family photographed who have very little understanding of documentary photography. When asked to describe the genre, the first example that comes to mind involves a publication or internet news – media that contains substantial subjects that “deserve” to be photographed. Some have visions of perfectly crafted outfits on clean and rested children being guided for an hour or so through semi-staged interactions in the home they frantically tried to keep clean until the photographer arrived. None of these are documentary.

Documentary Photography Carmel

Documentary photography is defined as a type of photography used to chronicle events or environments both significant and relevant to history and historical events as well as everyday life. The hallmarks of documentary photography images are easily noted.

Documentary images occur as they happen naturally in the subject’s environment. The goal is not to alter the environment nor ask them to repeat or change their actions or position to make a certain prearranged image. Images that produce truthful, objective and candid views into daily life are cherished for years to come.

Carmel, Indiana Documentary Photography

However, just being in someone’s environment doesn’t mean their personality will be evident. Being patient and waiting for just the right moments that don’t just show what they are doing or who they are with, but the emotion and connection with their surroundings is what drives documentary photographers. Studio portraits and posed photos simply cannot capture a person’s essence.

Details are also very important as they give a window into the time and place of your subject. How a person holds a spoon, their favorite crossword, or a handwritten note all convey value, personality and give depth to the story.

Part of recording daily life includes setting the scene. Where someone spends the majority of their time says volumes about them. The kitchen, play room, garage or back yard all offer opportunities to capture genuine representations of why those places were important to the people to which they belong. Generations will cherish seeing how we lived.

Fishers, Indiana Family Photography

Family photography can be more than perfectly dressed families in coordinating outfits smiling at the camera in a location that means little to nothing to them. This genre is about capturing the true life, raw and unfiltered. Let’s start the conversation about how I can capture your beautiful life.

10 Best photography locations – Carmel, IN

10 Best photography locations – Carmel, IN

10 Best Photography Locations in Carmel, IN Best photography locations or best places for a photography shoot or session come up all the time when talking with clients.  If we were to pull up a Google search report I would guess “photography locations” is one […]

Why Family Photography?

Why Family Photography?

Why Documentary Family Photography? I started my photography journey the same way so many women have. Brian bought me an entry-level DSLR when our first daughter was born. I quickly became obsessed with documenting her every move. Can you say over 2000 photos in less […]

Family Photography

Family Photography

I am so excited to announce the launch of my new documentary family photography business in the Indianapolis, IN area. I decided to get into photography so that I could capture and document my first born child’s life. The day she was born, my husband gifted me an entry-level DSLR I had wanted for some time. I began following her every move and continued with her sisters who completed our family. Eventually, I was pulled to landscape and food photography and became an award winning photographer. You can read more about my success in this area on the Meet Molly page.

Eventually friends, and even perfect strangers, were asking me to photograph their families in outdoor portrait sessions. I enjoy photographing anything or anyone, but I noticed the photos the clients or friends loved the most were the documentary images I captured during the session. Between posed shots, I would continue making images. I caught families interacting with each other and being normal before being posed again. Sure, everyone wanted the one photo of the family together on a bridge or blanket for the wall, but the photos they were drawn to were the ones that were different. Documentary family photography catches the giggles, the naughtiness, and the love that cannot be contrived or planned.

kids photography


Documentary Family Photography

Family photography should be about eliciting an emotional connection with every image. Not coordinated clothing on a blanket in a location with which the family has no history. Documenting life is about capturing how your family interacts with each other at your favorite pizza place that you visit every Friday night. I create images of those sweet good-byes in the morning as well as the snuggles during tucking in at night. Real is giggles, nose picking, burnt dinners, frustrating homework, and boo-boo kissing. Your daily life and what you do for and with your family is extremely important – each moment has an impact. Documentary family photography can show you that everything your family does is beautifully important. I would love to have the honor to demonstrate why I changed what I do in photography by making true-to-life images of those you love.

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