Avon, Indiana

Avon, Indiana is located in Hendricks County, Indiana. The population of the city has stayed consistent with a growth around 800 people a year. The town was named by settlers after the town in of Avon England. The city is overlooked an categorized as the west suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. Surrounded by Brownsburg, Danville, and Plainfield. The suburb is perfect for residents who work in Indianapolis, but want to live outside the city with only a 13 mile commute.

The city of Avon, Indiana has ranked well in education among the Indy area schools. With strong athletic programs in Football and basketball. The school is known for it’s most famous winning streak by the schools marching band. The Avon High School marching band went on a 7 year winning streak winning the state championship. In 2008 they were ranked as the number one marching band in the country.




Things to do in Avon, Indiana


There are so many things to do in this area for kids.

Jump-n-play – A cool indoor warehouse full of inflatable slides, bounce houses, and mazes. Rooms to host birthday parties and games to play for tickets. This is every kid’s fantasy come true. There is no better way to spend a cold winter day or rainy day. A safe indoor place for kids to be able to run off energy out of the weather.

Washington Township Park – A beautiful park in the woods with a creek to explore. If you get down near the creek you will see an old bridge that makes for great pictures in the woods. There are plenty of places to walk and explore.

Hot Skates – The roller rinks are making a comeback. There was a time when it seemed roller skating was a thing of the past. But as of recent the roller skating rinks are coming back and Hot Skates is a great place to lace up the wheels.

Monster Mini Golf – Miniture golf courses have taken a hit recently in Indiana. Few and far between. Lucky for Indy residents the Monster Mini Golf is a great attraction for kids.

Xtreme Lazer Tag – Indoor laser tag is fun for all ages. Running around in the dark shooting laser guns at each other is a great way to avoid bad weather and get in a good work out.

Pizza King Station – If you enjoy Pizza King and you enjoy trains this is a must place to eat. The pizza is amazing, but the fun is sitting in train car seats and having a model train deliver your drinks to the table. Pizza King Station is a fun experience no matter what age.


Photographer in Avon, Indiana

When choosing a family photographer to take family photos it is important to know your style. Do you like portrait photography or outdoor photography or documentary photography? As a lifestyle photographer that has taken hundreds of documentary photos of families in Avon, Indiana I have truly enjoyed the people of this great city. A growing community that requests infant photography a lot but have grown to understand the importance of hiring a documentary photographer. If you are interested in a family photo session you can contact me here.

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