What is the best way to grow as a photographer?

What is the best way to grow as a photographer?

Do you know what helps you grow? 


Although it can sometimes be painful, having a drive to improve will eventually lead to asking for honest feedback from others who have honed the same craft. When I decided that the next natural step in my photography journey meant applying to become a Click Pro, I had no idea how difficult, yet satisfying, it would be.

I have never been one to believe an artist needs awards to validate their creations. Then I realized the main reason many put themselves in the running isn’t for recognition – it’s for assessment. There is a required confidence that no matter what is said about their art, they will continue to allow their voice to be heard. But they want that voice to be as discernible as possible. I knew that was me.

Click Pro is a modern women’s network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists. Membership to click pro is application-based, and an invitation is extended on the basis of an applicant’s portfolio evaluation. I joined a Facebook group of other women working toward the same goal. At first, it’s assumed everyone would love my images as much as I did. But they weren’t as attached. They helped me to see what clouded my message. I pruned and asked again. “You can still do better,” they said, “Spend more time actually seeing them with other’s eyes and try again.” So I did. For four months.

Even though I wasn’t totally sure, I submitted my 150 images, the culmination of so much work, to be ruthlessly evaluated based on seven different criteria by several professionals. I waited three grueling weeks to hear the words I had been longing for – You Are One Of Us.

It’s been a little over a year since I became part of one of the most supportive, inspired, and talented group of women in photography today. Being recognized for my vision, my skill, and my ability to tell stories helped me to see that I could use this gift for others. I could finally trust myself to give what I had gotten from photography – the ability to go back in time, to feel and see and hear that moment like it just happened. 

I want you to trust me with your story. That is why I work to be the best I can be. For your children and their children and generations to come. They deserve to know the love and legacy of your family.

If you would like to know more about what it take to be a Click Pro, visit http://www.clickinmoms.com/click/click-pro/.

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