Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple is a village just north of downtown Indianapolis. This cute little village is unique with one of a kind shops and amazing local restaurants. Broad Ripple is one of the designated cultural districts in Indianapolis. Being unique or original is what this great little village is about. Full of the arts with great clubs and boutiques.

The city of Indianapolis has seen amazing new growth on the north side. New buildings seem to be popping up and roundabouts being installed each day. Somehow in the midst of all the new Broad Ripple has found a way to stay vintage. Keeping the focus on local artists with what they sell or display has played a major part in this arts district.

Things to do in Broad Ripple

Let’s be honest with ourselves and realize that this area of Indy is more for adults. Really if you look through the area it is a lot of clubs, bars, restaurants, and boutiques. Not the most kid friendly area, it is more of an adult playground. But as of recent days the city of Indianapolis has brought the Monon Trail through Broad Ripple and the Bubble Soccer League plays in the village. Also the parks and recreation department has a wonderful park there with an area for dogs. I would say a balance is trying to be created, but for the most part this is a great area for grown ups to hangout. This year the Travel Channel featured the village of Broad Ripple. With so much crammed into a walking area how could you not want to feature this unique village.

Broad Ripple Photography

The best part about this area is the maturity of the city landscape. So many great vintage buildings with wonderful alleys to walk through. The sights of unique old signs and store fronts make for great backdrops. With mature trees to deflect the lighting to give the golden glow photographers love, you can’t go wrong with a photo shoot here. As young couples in the area begin to decide to have families the request of family photography has increased as families populate the area. The uniqueness of this 10 square mile area full of arts carries over into the type of photography requested. Residents do not want staged family photography, but want something different. Those living in this area are looking for images like documentary photography or lifestyle photography. People want to capture real life, not the type of life we try to portray on Facebook. It has been my honor to be the photographer for many families in Broad Ripple documenting as their families change and grow. If you have ever visited Seattle there is a slogan everywhere that says “keep Seattle weird.” I feel like given the opportunity to write a slogan for the village I would write “Keep Broad Ripple Unique.”


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