Indianapolis Photography Classes

Beginner DSLR Classes

Beginner DSLR Camera Classes

Did you receive a DSLR camera as a gift? Have you had a camera for a while and want to improve? I have created the perfect DSLR beginner camera class. We start from the beginning to move you out of the comfort zone of the auto button. I’ll teach you what those crazy phrases like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO mean. If you are like me you got your first camera to document your family. Let me show you how to create those photos of your family you want. Click the image or click here to learn more about the available beginner photography classes.

Documentary Photography classes

Documentary Photography Classes

Documentary photography classes and lifestyle photography classes are not easy to find. When I began it was hard to find someone to critic or coach me. I created these classes and coaching sessions to help give another set of eyes to your work. Molly offers multiple options with online coaching sessions to spend a day with Molly coaching. If you are already a lifestyle or considering switching to documentary photography, Molly works with everyone. Click the image or click here to see coaching sessions.

Photography Classes near me

If you have other questions regarding working with Molly you can email me. For other business related questions I can be reached on my contact page. Molly has also been an award winning photographer on her images of Nature, Food, and Landscape. Those images can be viewed on the Meet Molly page.

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