Day in the life abbreviated sessions

Day in the life abbreviated sessions

So much happens in the compact parts of daily life.

Morning bed head, fights over the special cereal bowl, and kissing you good-bye as they head off to school. Evenings offer respite from the outside world, recollecting the favorite parts of the day, and cherished bedtime routines.

There are important parts of life that will be easy to forget without permanent keepsakes.

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Day in the life abbreviated sessions can involve any part of your day, up to 6 hours of shooting. The best parts are those where the whole family is together, like the morning and evening routines.

Examples of abbreviated photo sessions include:

  • Morning wake up
  • Breakfast around the table or on the go
  • Good-byes to school or work
  • Arrivals home from school or work
  • Dinner around the table or favorite restaurant
  • Bedtime cuddles
  • Family excursions (zoo trip, the lake, park)
  • Family reunions or celebrations
  • Birthday parties
  • Sporting events
  • Play dates
  • Grocery shopping

To get an idea of the images this type of photo shoot produces, take a look at my photography portfolio in my galleries. Better yet, you can check out a day in the life of my family.

There are so many options when it comes to documentary photography. Although prepped, polished and coerced photos can be created, true life beauty cannot be manipulated. Just being you and capturing the love or quirks of your family is the real I want you to have forever.

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