Day in the life sessions

Day in the life sessions

Nothing about your daily routine is routine – you give of yourself and receive from those in your circle over and over again in the span of one seemingly simple day. From the minute you wake up to the last “I love you", solid foundations of support and acceptance are built. What would it mean to have these priceless interactions preserved for a lifetime?

Documentary Photographer

A Day In The Life (DITL) session involves recording memories of your family for up to 14 hours. I arrive before the daily routine begins and stay until everyone is tucked in to bed. I can follow anywhere your family leads, including vacations. A complete record of the way your family does life at this stage is my goal.

Let me show you a way to cherish the uniqueness of your family for generations.

Examples of what a DITL photography session includes:

  • Morning wake up and getting ready
  • Breakfast around the table or on the go
  • The out the door good-byes to school or work
  • The daily clean up after the dust of the morning settles
  • Grocery shopping
  • Family excursion (zoo, parks, lake)
  • Lunch with family or friends
  • Play dates
  • Pick up or arrival from school or work
  • Snack and homework time
  • Sports practice or game
  • Dinner at home or a family favorite restaurant
  • Bedtime routine
  • Nighttime kisses, stories, and snuggles
  • Family vacations or getaways (Disney, anyone?)

Family Photographer

A DITL session is the best option in family documentary photography because no part of what your life is like right now is left out. The definition of family photography has grown so much that people aren’t always looking for posed photos with coordinating outfits in a location that carries no meaning. The beauty of the day in the life session for family photography is that you and your family carry no burden to be anything or anyone you are not. Bring on the bed head, temper tantrums, booger picking, boo-boo kissing, burnt dinner and bedtime cuddles. Why? Because when you look back in 15, 30, 45 years, what you wore in that field you drove to for an hour won’t matter. How your family showed love to each other and gave of themselves will.

Want to know what a DITL session might look like? Check out my photo gallery or better yet, check the portfolio of my family’s day in the life.

Dream your DITL session and together we can capture beautiful memories for generations to come. Lets get the conversation started!

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