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Finding the best documentary family photographer in Manhattan isn’t always easy. Let’s face it there are tons of great photographers in this city. Understanding that it doesn’t come down to price or availability even though those count. What it amounts to is who can give you the images you want? The images you dreamed of, but even more importantly what about the images you hadn’t imagined? Aren’t surprises the best? We all love those times when we think we know what we are looking for and then someone shows us something else. Usually it is followed by “oh my I hadn’t thought of that or I love that." Finding a documentary family photographer that gives you the style of photos you like, but surprises you by catching images you didn’t think of.

Honestly my clients favorite photos are usually the ones they didn’t ask for. It makes my job so fun knowing I can capture thousands of images all day and pull out the greatest. As a family photojournalist I love capturing the unexpected in the East Village of Manhattan. Look at the picture above, I’m guessing the mom wouldn’t not have asked me to take a picture of her kid disobeying or trying to be funny behind her back. But guess what photo mom wanted on display? Her kid being a kid and trying to get away with something for the laughs. There is something raw, real, emotional about photos like this. I love being an award winning photographer, but I love even more meeting amazing people and capturing them being natural.  Let me show you how important your family is through my lens.

I would love to spend the day with your family

The great thing about family photography where I document your family is you don’t have to do anything. I travel to you and spend the day apart of your family. You can go about your daily routine or plan a fun outing and I am there to capture it. Find out more about a “day in the life session."

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