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Documentary Family Photographer

The Best Documentary Family Photographer

Have that feeling that you don't want portrait photos from a portrait photographer? Many clients contact Molly saying they do not want staged photos. Most of the comments Molly receives as a Documentary Family Photographer is that her images create an emotion. People want to feel something inside when they see an image. They want to feel apart of what they are seeing. These are the family photos clients are wanting to display in their home. Not sure what photos you want? Then research it. Browse Molly's photo galleries and see if documentary family photography is right for you. Or get to know Molly and find out why she is regarded as one of the best documentary family photographers in the country. On here about Molly page you can learn about all the awards she has won in family photojournalism. Find out how she travels the country documenting families.

Hamptons Lifestyle Family Photographer

Not sure what documentary family photography, lifestyle family photography, or family photojournalism is? Well I could get into a long explanation but let me make it simple. These are types of photography that are not staged or posed. No one is told what colors to wear, where to stand, how to sit, placed in a location the photographer has chosen. In documentary family photography the family is living out their daily life and the photographer is just following them around. The photographer captures the family in daily life moments. Capturing the special moments the parent treasure and would like to freeze for life. These moments can be passed to future generations from lifestyle photography.

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