Indy Documentary Family Photographer

Documentary Family Photographer

The Best Documentary Family Photographer

Indy. You do not call Indianapolis that unless you are from here, right? Or you are old enough that basically the biggest excitement in our city was the Indy 500. But we embraced the name and have logos all over town even where we can stand in the place of the ‘i’. It has been an honor for Molly to call Indianapolis, Indiana home. An amazing town where she and her husband raise their 3 children. Indy has treated Molly with the same love by awarding her numerous local photography awards. She has been recognized by Roberts Camera and the local medical industry. She was also crowned the Grand Champion at the Indiana State Fair with Best in Show.

As a documentary family photographer Molly loves documenting the local families of Indianapolis. Catching them in their natural environment being normal. This gives way to so many great moment of families being families. Parents get the photos they want as Molly documents the special moments at night or in the morning. Those things only your kid does to be treasured for generations to come.

Indy Lifestyle Photographer

Photojournalism has become a huge trend in the photography world or some call it lifestyle photography. Molly labels herself as a documentary family photographer, but a lifestyle photographer or family photojournalist could fit just as well. It is all about capturing photos of real life. Kids being kids, families being families. Many clients say they didn’t realize how important their role was in the family until they see themselves through Molly’s lens. Preserve those special moments you cherish like bedtime snuggles in an image for years and years.

Finding the right lifestyle photographer in Indianapolis can be hard so browse through the photo galleries and see if this is a fit for you.

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