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Molly Kathleen photography is an award winning photographer that travels the globe documenting families through photos. Images should tell a story, not be posed. Through the story of these images an emotion is felt. Maybe it is fear, joy, excitement, nervousness, laughter, and more. Documentary family photography is beautiful because it places the viewer in the image or scene. When you see a kid about to jump off something they are not supposed to in an image, you feel the feeling like you would if you were there. Or a kid making a mess in the kitchen you feel the anxiety of the mess. Or maybe it is people laughing, you feel the joy and laughter. Hiring a documentary family photographer to capture your family is so important. Is there a moment or moments you want to freeze in time? The way your child brushes their teeth sitting not he counter? The bedtime routine or snuggles? What are those moments that are special to your family? Something that should be documented and passed on for generations to come.

Some people call it lifestyle photography or photojournalism. No matter what you all it, it’s an art. It is beautiful and so is your family. It is important for you to see how important your role is in the family. Seeing your role through images can be a life changing experience.

Molly Kathleen travels the world photographing families. She is always willing to travel and capture your family in a day in the life session.

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