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When looking for a family photographer in the lower east side of Manhattan, New York most families want the best. Why is that? Because it’s an investment. You are investing in your family and documenting what they look like for generations to come. For many years we have used portrait photographers to show the next generations what we looked like or how we dress. As things in life change so do the way we do photos. Documentary photography has become extremely important to families. Today we are asking photographers to not only capture what we look like, but to capture our personality.

In my image above do you feel like you know this little boy and his personality without even meeting him? Of course you do. This type of documentary family photography captured the personalities of those in the family and the relationship of this boy with his sisters. Let me tell you from being the photographer in this session, he is exactly who you think he is. The sweetest little man who is looking for every opportunity to catch a laugh.

Can I spend the day with your family?

In most of my photography sessions I hear Moms say they don’t feel like their life is interesting or important. They see this image of the boy dancing behind mom and think they will not have entertaining photos. This mom felt the same way until she decided to cook dinner and had no idea what I was capturing. Life is entertaining, your family is interesting and important. Your role in your family is important once you see it through images. I would love to capture your families personalities and show it for generations to come.

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