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Documentary Family Photographer

The Best Documentary Family Photographer in Noblesville

Molly Kathleen Photography is a local family photographer here in Noblesville, Indiana.  If you have googled “Noblesville Photographer" you will obviously see Molly pop up in the search page.  Ever since being a photographer Molly has enjoyed traveling the world photographing families, but the best families to photograph are the ones here at home. As a local resident in Noblesville Molly loves working with friends, family, and residents of this great community here in Hamilton County, Indiana.

You can learn more about Molly on here meet Molly page, but she is a local documentary family photographer that has won numerous awards. She was awarded the best in show by the Indiana State Fair as well as Grand Champion and a few first places awards. A local camera store Roberts camera has awarded her for food photography. Molly also won a few awards from the medical industry here in Central Indiana for her work photographing patients.

If you are looking for family photos you might be looking for those posed photos standing on a bridge or in the beautiful field. Molly has taken those photos for families but a time came when she decided to focus only on what she was passionate about.  Documentary Family Photography is a type of photography that captures the subjects in a their natural environment being normal. Photographing daily life or events or trips or excursions. It basically is photojournalism. Documenting your family for a day or part of the day. Showing you how important you are in the role you play. Capturing the special moments that happen in your day. Contact Molly today and see what your photo session could look like.

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