New York City Documentary Family Photographer

Documentary Family Photographer

The Best Documentary Family Photographer NYC

Documentary Family Photographer in NYC, gosh there are so many of them. How do you know how to pick the best family photographer? Some people focus on the price and others focus on availability. There are clients that focus on name or reputation. There are many clients that focus on a photo they saw or the style of photos and know how to find the best documentary family photographer.  Family photojournalism is such a fun type of photography. I have always recommended to clients to find a photographer that gives you the “surprise photos." The photos you weren’t looking for or the photos you didn’t ask for.  The unexpected image that you can’t live without buying. Those are the fun lifestyle photographers that get you excited.  Sure I can give you my list of awards and major corporations that have used my images. In fact ask me, who doesn’t love to brag on themselves. But what I truly think sets my work apart from other photographers are the unexpected images. And if you look at my images and feel an emotion in them, then I have done my job… plain and simple. Sure I enjoy receiving awards and recognition, but the purest joy is tears or excitement from a mom who sees her family photos for the first time.

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