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Molly Kathleen Photography is a private luxury award winning photographer. Molly’s goal is to photograph your family privately in your home out of the public light or on your family trips. Your family deserves the right to be photographed in their natural setting where they feel most comfortable. Molly’s speciality is documentary photography or lifestyle photography that brings emotion in each image. Your family deserves the best documentary family photographer to travel with you on your trip and document each moment. Maybe it’s time for just updated family photos, but no one wants portrait photography. It’s time you had images of real life in your home.

Calabasas Photojournalism

Many people of Calabasas, California want to stay out of the image of a camera. Some residents are followed by paparazzi every time they step out in public. Photojournalism isn’t about catching you in all the moments you don’t want covered. With this type of photography we are catching a day in the life of your family. That might just be hanging out at home, traveling on a trip, daily activities, or just fun outside. What would a full day of documented photos look like?

Molly Kathleen Photography is a luxury photographer with background checks and privacy contracts to keep your family safe and your private photos out of the eye of the public.

It’s time to get the photos you want of your family. Let’s talk about what that might look like in your day in the life session.

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