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Carmel, Indiana

Documentary photographer in Carmel, Indiana

Finding the right professional photographer to photography your family can be really hard. Understanding the type of photos you prefer is important when selecting who to take them. Molly is an award winning photographer that has traveled all over the world photographing people. Documentary photography is Molly’s specialty as she uses her lens to capture emotion in each image. Her goal in each images is to bring an emotion to the person viewing the picture. Whether that might be joy, sadness, laughter, chaos, energy, empathy, or excitement. Each image is carefully thought through.

Lifestyle photographer in Carmel, Indiana

Many people when looking for a photographer know what they like but do not know what to call it or how to describe it. Molly receives lots of comments or messages about enjoying her style but not sure how to describe it. The technical term is Documentary Photography, some have referred to it as lifestyle photography or even photojournalism. What makes this type of photography is nothing is staged or posed. This is not portrait photography where your family is sitting on a blanket, standing near weeds in a park, lined up on a bridge, or in matching clothes. Every photo is taken live as life is moving.

Family photos in Carmel, Indiana

When you are looking for the best family photographer isn’t it important to find someone that fits your style. Don’t be forced into the photographer’s style, is you enjoy natural then you want a documentary photographer for your family photos. If you want a family photo that documents how everyone changed in height each year your are looking for a portrait photographer. But think about the images you cherish the most! Are they posed images or are they of someone doing something? Life happens, life is normal, life is natural. Shouldn’t your images reflect that?  I have thousands of images of kids crying, kids laughing, Dads being tackled, moms hugging, cookies being burnt, siblings upsetting each other. The common thing about these images is that everyone loves them because that is what life looks like. I gave a mom her images from her session one time and 40% were if her kids getting into it, the other 60% were of me catching her kids being themselves in their unique way. Her message to me said “thank you for the most thoughtful and important gift I’ve ever received.”

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