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Hamptons, New York

Documentary Photographer Hamptons, New York

Ah the The Hamptons! The beautiful summer homes of many New Yorkers. A step back from the busy work force of New York City. Most residents flock to the area because it resembles a simpler style of life. Roadside vegetable stands and farmers markets. When it comes to photography most think of the beautiful sunsets over the water viewed from local restaurants with perfect views. When the sun begins to set many residents will be seen parked at the beach or local restaurant with a blanket, bottle of wine, and a smartphone to capture the gorgeous view.

Local photographers set up all over to capture that perfect image that is The Hamptons. Families here are just like families all across the United States where family photos are extremely important. Each year a photographer is chosen to take that posed image on the beach or a blanket to document how the family has changed.

Lifestyle Photographer in Hamptons, New York

Molly Kathleen is an award winning photographer that has traveled the world documenting families through documentary photography, lifestyle photography, and photojournalism. This style of photography is about capturing your family naturally being themselves. There are so many life moments, trips, adventures, or just normal days at home that should be documented. How many times have you wanted to capture those specific little things your family does? Cuddles on the couch with blankets during a movie? A day at the beach? Pumpkin hunting? Picking flowers? Spring Break trip? Family parties? There are so many family photo sessions that are not about coordinating on a blanket. Documentary photography or lifestyle photography is about capturing your family as they normally interact.

Family Photos are an investment

When you have lifestyle photos taken you are asking that your family be documented for years to come by a professional photographer. You are showing that you want to document for generations to come the way your family interacted. You are looking for photos that show emotion. Right now that might be a photo of your kid that sleeps under the kitchen table, but some day that will be great grandma that used to sleep under the table when she was a kid. Documentary photography is not only about images today, but images for generations. Invest in your family today by discussing what your photo session could look like, contact Molly today. Or take some time an explore her Galleries.

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