Fishers, IN

Fishers, IN

A town in the 1960s of only 350 people that rapidly grew into a city of 90,000 plus by 2016. Fishers, IN is one of the fastest growing cities and was ranked as the number one place to live. There is a lot of construction because of the need to increase road sizes due to the large amount of traffic in Fishers. Housing communities are popping up all over the city as families flock to the area. Let’s not forget the excitement around Indianapolis when Ikea announced they were moving into Fishers, IN.

What to do in Fishers, IN

For many this fast growing city is a replica of Carmel, IN. Such an amazing focus on families with most attractions being built to lure more families in. Not that there isn’t a lot of adult hangouts like in Broad Ripple, IN, but for the most parts everything is designed for families. The amount of parks located in the city is amazing. It seems every corner you go around has a kid friendly playground.

The amount of shopping has increased in Hamilton County, but Fishers, IN seems to have more of the unique boutique shops. Which if you are wanting to shop local or give back to the community there is no better way. There are some great coffee shops around, but who could pass up on the wonderful coffee, food and mission statement of The Well Coffee Shop? Everyone’s favorite! There are tons of wonderful golf courses in the area, but even for those that do not golf the love for Top Golf continues.

For family friendly education most people enjoy taking in a morning or afternoon at Conner Prairie as they learn the history of Hamilton County.

Photography Fishers, IN

I would guess the largest amount of family photography is taken in Fishers, IN if not Hamilton County is. With so many growing families the city is a hot bed for photography. Everyone wants those fall photos for their family Christmas card. With persons per household average around 3.0 that means almost each home has at least 1 child in it and some have many more. So family photography is important to citizens of Fishers because they see the value and investment of documenting their family. Time goes too fast and kids grow up too fast. There are many great places to have photographs taken such as the depot train station or a photo shoot at one of the parks. But why not be natural and have a photo session done in your home or at a family favorite restaurant or excursion? Documenting how your real family is and capturing their personalities in lifestyle photography is my passion. Why stage a family on a blanket with the beautiful leaves in the background? Why not capture true emotion in a photography session at home being you? I’d love to talk to you about what that might look like.

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