Greenwood, IN

Greenwood, IN

Located in Johnson County, Indiana this neat little city isn’t so little anymore. Greenwood, IN has become kind of the umbrella name for a lot of small towns in the same area. Franklin and Bargersville all seem to be called Greenwood at times. As the lines become blurred on the south side of Indianapolis this growing southern suburb becomes bigger and bigger. Many have said that as the north side of Indianapolis becomes too busy. Indianapolis residents have taken refuge south to the quietness on the south side. Busy would be a great way to explain the home construction in this area. Homes have been popping up everywhere. Greenwood, IN schools are growing. The amount of restaurants per capita is growing. What was once more of a quiet working man’s town is a hopping busy area.


Things to do in Greenwood, Indiana

Like I mentioned before this was more of a quiet working man’s town. There was the local putt-putt, but everything was more of what you needed. You need a hardware they had one. You need a grocery store they had one. This city was more of a bedroom community. Residents came to sleep here, but left the community to do everything else. Not so much anymore! The growth in Greenwood, IN has been amazing to say the least. Today they have an aquatics park that is bringing a lot of attention. The amount of parks that have popped up as well is impressive. So many great new places to eat but most people love the old favorites. One of my kids favorites is Pizza King Station and who doesn’t love a train delivering your drinks.


Photographer Greenwood, IN

This city is what most would call a mature area. Mature trees, mature buildings, and established homes. These 3 things can make for great photography. Most people enjoy seeing full trees in their pictures not a new sprout. Ha! As a family photographer it is nice to find areas that create great scenes for photography. Established areas such as Greenwood, IN have less construction to work around when photographing a family. But as a Lifestyle photographer I enjoy photographing families in their natural settings. Lifestyle photography is about being normal and being the real you. Documentary photography became my passion as I wanted to document a family for them to remember those moments for centuries. No one remembers being sat on a blanket for family photos and picking out matching clothes. But as a documentary photographer everyone remembers brother dancing on the counter. Everyone remembers the sisters chasing each other around the table at dinner. Each child remembers helping mom cook in the kitchen. That is what documentary photography is all about. Capturing those memories that everyone remembers or wants to remember forever. How many moms wish they could never lose the image of how their kid brushes their teeth in their underwear? Lifestyle photography is important to document your family moments for centuries. I’d love to talk to you about what that might look like for your family.

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