Hourly Sessions

Hourly family photo sessions

Memorable moments do happen everywhere.

Whether it’s a vacation to the beach or a weekly trip to the grocery store, your real life deserves to be documented. There’s no need to coordinate, find the perfect light, and wait for the perfect weather.

A trip to the zoo, swinging at the local park, the local pizza joint your family visits every Friday night, or a family get-together all hold the promise of priceless, uncontrived memories.

A Documentary of your Family

Hourly photography sessions can be shot at home or on an outing and include up to 3 hours of memory recording. Grocery store trips, restaurant fun, soccer practice, and tackling the local park are all worth documenting. Longer sessions, like Day In The Life (DITL) and DITL Abbreviated sessions, involve documenting more extended spans of time and focus on daily routines of the family. Maybe for your family, just capturing that early morning chaos has been something you want to remember forever. Could it be that the bedtime routine is something you wish to freeze in time? A few hours with me could capture whatever special moments in your life you wish to remember and pass on for generations.

Although polished, posed and prepped photos allow you to see how your family looked during this time of life, I want to capture the true personality of each loved one and how you do your beautiful real. Browse through my gallery page to see what I’m talking about. Or check out what a day in the life of my family¬†looks like.

Let me show you how beautiful your real life is.

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