Lifestyle Photographer

Best Lifestyle Photographer

If you plan to have your family photos taken this year what makes you choose the type of photographer you choose? Is it because it says family photos in their name? Do you know the difference between a portrait photographer and a lifestyle photographer? If you don’t do not stress, most people don’t. Take 3 minutes and learn what you like in photographs.

Best Portrait Photographer

Remember portrait photos from our childhood? Dress up kids we are headed over to Sears or Olan Mills to get our pictures taken. Do you want to be in front of a library or a flowing stream? Ha! Those were good times siting on the boxes or fuzzy blankets. Now days we say family photography is going outside on a blanket or in front of beautiful leaves in the fall. But really isn’t that still portrait photography? What portrait photography does is document how we have changed each year. And let me say that is important as well

What is Lifestyle Photography

Well a lifestyle photographer or sometimes called a documentary photographer is someone that documents something. A story is being told through the image and you do not need any words to understand what was going on in that image. It should grab some type of emotion for you. You might not even need to see faces in the image to know what is going on or feel what is going on. Maybe it will bring stress, joy, sadness, laughter. Many of the clients I get requests from are asking for their children to be documented. Sometimes it is how funny they get up in the morning. Parents love to have the bedtime stories captured or bedtime snuggles. I can’t tell you how many families want the famous Disney World or Disneyland trip documented, can you blame them the kids are smiling the entire time. What in your life are you going to miss some day?

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