What makes a good Noblesville photography studio

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What makes a good Noblesville photography studio

Does the average consumer really know what makes a photographer good? Understanding lighting, f-stops, aperture, depth of field, exposure, RAW, or rule of thirds is way more technical than any consumer wants or needs to understand. Photo shoots are very technical and almost like a science for the photographer. The average client just knows what type of photos they like or images that are eye appealing to their eye. So what makes a good Noblesville photography studio? Let me take you through a things to help you pick out the correct person or location for your photo session. As well as lets talk about some basic mistakes.

Choosing the right Noblesville photographer

Understanding your style of photography that you are drawn to will help you first off. Looking through some photos to see what your eye likes best. What is it about those images that you like? Are the photos taken inside or outside? Is everyone in the picture posed or is there something going on in the photo? How does the lighting look? Is it darker, brighter, or black and white? How does the quality look to you? Once you can narrow down a few things you really enjoy about the image you now have some actual data to start your search with for a Noblesville photography studio. Now look for photographers that have the things you like in their images.

Noblesville, IN photography studio

Calling the Noblesville photographer

When you actually call around to Noblesville photography studios do not start with the traditional question of price. This is the time to ask questions to make sure this photographer lines up with your style. Do they offer unlimited editing or is there a limit? Find out if they shoot in a studio or go to locations. Ask if there are fees based upon how many people are in the session. What will be the time frame for receiving your images back? You will want to know if they are digital images or printed images. Also how many images are included in a session?

Does the photographer specialize

You are about to pick someone to take the pictures of your family, wouldn’t you want to make sure that is the type of photography they shoot? I wouldn’t go to an eye surgeon and have them remove my wisdom teeth. They are both doctors, but they specialize in different areas. A wedding photographer in Noblesville is not the same as a family photographer. We have blurred the lines to think that as long as they have a camera I can get what I want. If your idea of family photos is a documentary family photographer then you don’t want to have the portrait photographer from your kids school shoot your session. So know your style and make sure your studio is that style.


Yes, it is important to know the price. We have all heard you get what you pay for and that is true. ¬†Understand that just because they are high doesn’t make them the best. Look for that person that is middle of the pack in pricing or towards the top. These companies have more to protect so they are more willing to stand behind what they did for you. Companies that are higher priced most likely have more back up protection for your images to be stored for years to come. But if a price seems out of whack then it probably is. Just make sure you understand everything that comes with the price. How much editing, how many hours at the shoot, how soon the images returned, how long they are stored, how many images in return, etc.

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Noblesville photography mistakes


Most people get stuck in the mindset of this idea that every fall I will pay $200-600 to have our yearly photo taken. Going into a search for a photographer with a preset idea of what you will pay has already limited your search. If you have set your mind at $200, then you have missed out on the features of the $300 session. Go into the pricing with an open mind to gather the data. Don’t get me wrong, please do not put your family in debt over family photos. Stick within your budget, but keep your mind open to possibilities of different price brackets. Maybe that would require every other year photos instead.


It is important to educate yourself on the different styles so you know what options you have. Most people are stuck on portrait style where we pose you on blankets in coordinated clothing. Research the styles such as lifestyle photography or documentary photography. These types seem to bring out more emotion in the photos.

Noblesville, IN photography studios


Like I mentioned before about not having a wedding photographer take your family photos. This is a huge mistake that most people make in choosing the wrong Noblesville photography studio. For the most part I believe that people settle for someone that doesn’t shoot their style because it is in their price bracket. The photos they like at one company cost $800, but this guy that shoots senior portraits says he can do those type for $400. So consumers go with the cheaper person, but get not exactly what they were looking for. Remember that images are a investment and will be there for generations to come. Take them serious.


For more questions regarding Noblesville photography you can reach out to Molly Kathleen Photography with your questions.

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