Meet Molly

Our visual record matters. Since I expect your photos to make you more transparent to those who see them, I want to make myself transparent to you. Here is a part of my visual record.

Blessed doesn’t begin to cover how I feel about being able to document family life through photography. My gateway here was my desire to document my children’s lives through images. I have 3 (yes THREE) amazingly different daughters and am married to God’s perfect match for me. And boy, do they give me material. Lots of material.

Carmel, IN photographer

I realized after a few years of snapshots, that I wanted to improve for myself and the history of my family. As my passion for photography grew, so did my range of photography subjects. While I was honing my family photography skills, a passion for other types of photography blossomed. The first real recognition I received came in the form of a 1st place blue ribbon in the landscape division as well as Best Of Show at the Indiana State Fair in 2016 for my image of lightning striking over the ocean. Once I earned more awards in pet photography and food photography, I realized I might be on to something here! To see my other styles of photography, you can visit my art page.

Even though each type of photography has its own challenges, I wanted to take on the most difficult and rewarding endeavor – capturing images of true, raw, real life. A family photographer can pose, polish and prep a family for portrait photography. But the real goal is to capture the family emotion and love through the movements of their day. Once I understood God’s call for me, this style of photography known as documentary family photography became a passion instead of a challenge.

funny kid photography

Clients say all the time that they aren’t sure what they do is important enough to document. Until you see your life through the lens of those who watch your family be them, you can’t realize it’s importance. I’d love to show you the love of your family documented through a lens. If you haven’t visited my family galleries, check them out and see how I might document your family. As constant muses, my family craziness is fully documented on my family photography page.

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