Noblesville, IN

Noblesville, IN

The city of Noblesville, IN has changed a ton over the years, but has been able to still maintain it’s personality. For years the town was more of a rural farming community. Known as more of a pass through community. There really wasn’t much that brought people to Noblesville, IN. It was a lot of farms and just close enough for residents to commute to Indianapolis, IN. As time went on the surrounding cities like Fishers, IN and Carmel, IN grew which had the trickle effect on Noblesville. In recent years the city has been the place to live. Overcrowding of Fishers has brought more residents north to enjoy the great community of Noblesville, IN. Schools have A plus ratings having families flock into the area.

Some how with massive growth the town has been able to keep it’s awesome old town feel. Downtown which is known as the square is this cute square around the courthouse full of shops and restaurants. Some of the best food and boutiques in Hamilton County, Indiana are located on this square.

Things to do in Noblesville

The square – Spend the morning walking the unique shops and having brunch at everyone’s favorite place Rosie’s. This great restaurant has the freshest of food and each entree seems to have a twist on traditional entrees. I have never had anything there I didn’t want more of.

Stony Creek Farms – My family has been going to Stony Creek for many years and watched the attractions grow over the years. What was a pumpkin patch or tree farm that branched off their landscaping business has turned into a kids play land. Zip line, pumpkin cannons, bounce houses, horse rides, pedal car tracks, mazes, slides, and so much more. Make sure you have some pie and an apple cider slushy in the fall. Enjoy a wonderful hay ride out to the pumpkin patches where the most beautiful pumpkins grow. They don’t seem to grow small ones to be prepared to carry a beautiful big one home. In the winter you can enjoy a hayride out to cut down your own Christmas tree. Nothing will get you into the Christmas spirit more that cutting down a tree at Stony Creek Farms in Noblesville, IN.

Morse Lake – Enjoy a beautiful day out on the lake with your boat or a rented boat. There is also a park with a beach to enjoy your feet in the sand.

Potters Bridge Park – There are many great parks in Noblesville, IN but potters bridge is a beautiful location. The covered bridge over the over is an amazing view and fun to bike or walk over. Plenty of great walking paths through the woods and playgrounds for kids.

Purgatory Golf Club – Ther are plenty of golf courses in Hamilton County, IN. In fact there are numerous courses in Noblesville. Each course is a little different from the other, but Purgatory Golf Club has set itself apart from the others. They have set themselves apart so much that they are listed in the top 5 courses in Indiana and in the top 50 public golf courses in the United States. There is no description I can give to explain the beauty and brilliant design of this golf course. 117 interlacing sand traps and 6 tee boxes per hole. Each hole is a piece of art and will stop you in your tracks. The only disappointment at Purgatory is that they don’t sell walking or riding tours for those that don’t play golf. It’s a shame that non-golfers will never see the beauty of this golf course. Instead of me trying to describe it, view there website to see the beauty of the course captured through the images of the nationally recognized award winning photographer Christine Merchent.


Noblesville photographer

There are many amazing photographers in Noblesville, IN. I would say some of the best wedding photographers in Hamilton County, IN reside in this city. Mentioned before, nationally recognized photographer Christine Merchent calls Noblesville, IN home part of the year. Family photography has been shown importance in this town. If you spend any time in a local park during the evening ho so you will see more than one family having family photos taken. I have enjoyed so much being a resident of this wonderful town. I have been honored to take lifestyle photography of wonderful residents of Noblesville. My passion in photography has continued to grown as I’ve studied documentary photography. I’ve felt very welcomed by the photography community as I was awarded best in show at the Indiana state fair amateur division.

Noblesville, IN is a wonderful town I’ve enjoyed and look forward to more of in the future.

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