Newborn Photography

Baby Photoshoot

Newborn photos are just important today as ever before. Sure they have changed in some ways, but the importance to take photos newborn baby photos is still there. In past days we accept the hospital baby photos taken by the hospital photographer. These were the famous baby portraits we all have of the infant in the nursery crib.  Then there was the time period where we waited a month or two and took the newborn baby photoshoot at JcPenny or Sears. They would prop the baby up on a fuzzy blanket or lay them in a basket. 

Not every mother is looking for that birth photo during delivery by a baby photographer. What is becoming more important are the photos taken the first day or two in the hospital room. The bonding moments in those first few days and hours. Dad’s new found love for the newborn and admiration for mom captured in images. Mom’s speechless moments taking in her newest love. Meeting a stranger she has loved and known for 9 months.

Newborn Photography Near Me

Newborn photographers near me will bring up a search of professional photographers closest to you. Your newborn baby photos should be the style of photos that speak to you. This is your newborn family photos session, make it what you want. You will be tired, exhausted, and want something you don’t have to worry about. Pick your newborn baby photography ahead of time. Find the baby photographer that has the type of photos you like. Then having that person take the newborn baby photoshoot will give you a chance to relax. 

When asked to take newborn photography I want to know the person likes my style. With that confirmed mom and dad relax, just enjoying baby. I make my way around the hospital room shooting the interacting from all angles. Most clients forget I am there as it should be. This is the time for you to enjoy baby and allow me to take away the worry of photos. Once mom and baby are home and rested then I can deliver the professional edited infant photos.

Infant Photography

After Mom and Dad have had a chance to see the photos, sharing them with family. This is a great time to decide if you want 1 month baby photos. These can be the interaction candid photos or some sleeping baby photos. Those precious quiet moments with baby all curled up can be beautiful gifts to family or just for the wall at home.

NICU Hospital Baby Photos

NICU hospital photos is not something I thought I would take or specialize in. It honestly came out of nowhere. I was scheduled to take a newborn photography shoot and something went wrong. As I met the family at the hospital I think it was obvious there minds were needed elsewhere. Asking the parents request to go ahead and shoot they gave the nod. They continued discussions with doctors and family. Mentioning my thoughts and prayers I slipped out. A year later the family contacts me to say my photos were all they had from their child’s time in the NICU. She had made a full recovery and they were celebrating her first birthday. 

Through the scary stressful times no one thinks to take a picture documenting time.  Being able to take that out of the hands of the parents has been such an honor. To quietly slip around in the NICU room in the local hospitals documenting these little fighters. Gosh it has been such an honor. So many stories months to years down the road. Hearing how parents look back at those photos and the story the images tell. Maybe down the road I need to photograph these NICU babies all grown up. It’s definitely been my honor to be a NICU hospital photographer.

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