Best Photojournalist in Photojournalism

In photography there are so many types such as portrait, family, infant, outdoor, lifestyle, documentary, and photojournalism. In the last type listed it is basically using images to tell a story for journalism. Most people view this for news or media organizations, but in recent days this has become a popular type with family photography. Many people refer to it as documentary or lifestyle photography.

Molly started this journey of family documentary and family lifestyle photography before the trend started. In recent days families are realizing the importance of photos and photographers that tell a story in their images.

Best Lifestyle Photographer

Many people thought lifestyle photography was just a celebrity type that was found on E! As more families are educated they are beginning to understand that the images they enjoy the most are taken by a documentary photographer. A professional that understands that Photojournalism will tell a story about their kids or family. There is no need to have matching clothes and stand on a bridge in the park. The idea is to tell the story of what goes on in real life at home.

Best Documentary Photographer

Molly Kathleen is an award winning photographer that has been awarded for multiple state awards, Grand Champion at state fairs, recognized for her photography by camera companies, and even won image awards by medical companies. Every award came with comments that Molly’s photos tell a story with no words needed. Families began contacting Molly to have their family documented. The need for someone to tell a story through images became a reality. Clients wanted the uniqueness of their family documented and their lifestyle. To have the special moments frozen in an image for generations to come. Phone calls with Mom’s wanting the way their kids brush their teeth, the bed head in the morning, the after school snack time, the evening snuggles, and the bedtime routine. Many clients have requested Molly be on their vacation to document it or maybe a day out excursion. You dream the moment and Molly can freeze the moment by telling the story through the image.

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