Print Optimization

Your session includes digital files that you can use to print as many images as you would like. As your photographer, I have much more control over the quality of your prints, including sharpness, crop ratio, and color quality, if you order through me and the professional lab I use. Understandably, there are times when this may not be the most convenient option, so I want to provide you with parameters and tips that can help you display your prints as they deserve to be viewed for generations.

Because your images are my vision, I want you to be as happy with the prints as you are the images on your screen. Below are some tips on how to make beautiful prints that will authentically remind your family of this time in your lives.

Cropping and Aspect Ratios

You will notice that all of your files vary in image size. None of these numbers correspond to the sizes you will use to print your photos, like 4×6, 16×20 and so on. This means there will be some, but not a lot, of cropping necessary prior to printing any of the photos you do not order through me. Therefore, you will need to verify the crop prior to sending your order through to print.


Budget Print Labs

Professional labs constantly run quality control calibrations to ensure their prints meet the highest standards of sharpness, color correction, and overall quality. Their papers are of a highest quality and many are archival; meant to last a lifetime. The labs I print through will guarantee your satisfaction and work with me to make any corrections that may be necessary.

Budget, or convenience, labs like Target, Costco, CVS, etc. do not have these quality standards and the lower cost reflects these differences. If you choose to print on your own, I highly encourage you to use the consumer labs associated with the professional labs I trust. They will have many of the same quality control mechanisms in place to ensure you are pleased with the products you receive. I recommend Nations Photo Lab . As stated in the release you receive with your images, I can only guarantee prints ordered directly through me.

Large Prints and Wall Art

The larger the print, the more details and quality of the print matter. Any print I order is individually sharpened and optimized for the print medium and type. For example, sharpening is different for a matte print than a canvas. Due to these variables, I cannot guarantee any print larger than 8×10 nor any other type of media including canvas that aren’t individually prepared for print.

Image Manipulation

Your contract includes parameters on where and how you are able to handle these images.

3. Ownership Rights

  1. Photographer shall retain, under the fullest extent under the law, full copyright and interest in any and all film, digital files, proofs, samples, prints, or negatives created or produced for Customer pursuant to this Agreement.
  2. Customer is granted a non-exclusive worldwide right to use the materials for Customer’s own personal use. Customer may make prints from the provided files, share images with friends and family via MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., submit images to be published as long as credit is given to Molly Cable of Molly Kathleen Photography, Photographer. Customer may not upload images to any photo-sharing websites where others can order prints including Flickr, Shutterfly, Snapfish or Smugmug. Photos or materials are NOT to be resold or distributed to any third parties or event participants. Photographer’s copyright must accompany all use of the photos or materials whenever possible and must read “Copyright 2019 Molly Kathleen Photography.” Customer may not alter the materials in way including but not limited to: cropping, addition of filters, tinting, colorizing, conversion to black and white.

As stated above, editing any aspect of the images is explicitly prohibited. No filters are allowed when printing or sharing images to social media platforms. These images are a representation of my work.

Thank you for working with me to provide you with prints that will remind you for many years to come.


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