Print Release

Print Release Authorization

I do hereby declare and warrant that I, Molly Cable of Molly Kathleen Photography, as the copyright owner of the photographs, have given permission and license to the client(s) to submit said photographs for processing and reproduction. I hereby grant a non-exclusive license to this client to reproduce these photographs for personal use only, and I represent that I have legal right to grant such a license. 

The client(s) may also use the image files to produce prints for family and friends, also for personal use only within said group of people. The client(s) do not have permission to make copies for sale or for the purpose of circumventing sale of the images by the photographer, nor  will they be authorized to make reproductions of the photographs for commercial use, nor personal use for monetary compensation. The client(s) are personally responsible for communicating the limitations of this contract to any person who receives a copy of the image files.

As the copyright owner of these photographs, I have the right to use said images for promotion, portfolio, social media, and website, unless explicitly agreed upon prior to the session. The photographer is be credited when sharing images on social media or elsewhere.

For best quality, I strongly recommend using a professional photo lab for your prints, such as Nations Photo Lab. I will not be held liable for, nor can I guarantee print outcome, unless photographs are printed directly through me. 

Thank you,

Molly Cable

Molly Kathleen Photography

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